When will the change take place?

  • When the children start back after the summer holidays 2018.

Who will need the new uniform?

  • Children in Year 7 to Year 10 will be compulsory with year 11 remaining optional for one more year.

What uniform will be compulsory?

  • All children will require items below:-
  • Blazer
  • Vneck Jumper
  • Shirt (light Blue)
  • Tie

Will the PE kit be changing?

  • Although the PE kit will remain a compulsory kit for the school it will not change in design.

When do I need to order and fit my child’s Blazer?

  • We would always advise you leave enough time to buy your child’s school uniform before they start back after the summer break. This becomes especially important when a school will be changing their day to day uniform.
  • We would advise you leave it no later than JULY to come into store and get fitted for a blazer and V-neck as this way you will avoid any busy queues and make sure you have your uniform as soon as possible.
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